Current Opportunities

Current Career Opportunities


CompetitionPosition NameClosing date
N-01-18Clinical Director, Surgical, Obstetrical, Critical Care Programs (Permanent Full-time)N/A
N-16-18Patient Services Attendant - Emergency Department (Temporary Part-Time)N/A
N-18-18Staffing Resource - Human Resources (Casual)N/A
N-19-18Spiritual Care Coordinator (Permanent Full-Time)N/A
N-20-18Pharmacist - Pharmacy (Temporary Part-Time .4FTE)N/A
O-111-18Registered Nurse - Mental Health Services ACTT (Temporary Full-Time)N/A
O-29-18, O-49-18, O-68-18Registered Nurse - Acute Mental Health (Temporary Part-Time .3 and .5)N/A
O-76-18Registered Nurse - LDRP (Temporary Part-Time .3 FTE)N/A
O-99-18Registered Nurse - Rehabilitation (Temporary Part-Time .45 FTE)N/A
P-07-18, P-21-18, P-142-18Clerk - Patient Information Centre (Permanent Part-Time)N/A
P-109-18Physiotherapist (Temporary Full-Time)N/A
P-112-18Health Records Technician - Patient Information Centre (Full-Time)N/A
P-113-18Clerk - Diagnostic Imaging (Permanent Casual)N/A
P-124-18Caseworker - MHS-CMH (Temporary Casual)N/A
P-130-18Cleaner - Environmental Services (Temporary Casual)N/A
P-134-18Dietician - Clinical Nutrition (Permanent Part-Time .4 FTE)N/A
P-145-18Registered Practical Nurse - Emergency / ICU (Temporary Part-Time .5 FTE)N/A
P-150-18Registered Practical Nurse - Operating Room / Surgical Program (Part-Time .5 FTE)N/A
P-153-18Caseworker - Mental Health Services CMH (Temporary Part-Time .5 FTE)N/A
P-154-18Occupational Therapist - Mental Health Services (Temporary Full-Time)N/A
P-157-18Physiotherapist - Rehabilitation Program (Full-Time)N/A
P-161-18Purchasing Clerk - Materials Management (Permanent Casual)N/A
P-40-18Medical Radiation Technologist (Permanent Casual)N/A
P-41-18Sonographer (Permanent Casual)N/A
P-87-18Sonographer / Medical Radiation Technologist (Permanent Full-Time)N/A
P-89-16Echocardiographer (Cardiac Sonographer) (Permanent Casual)N/A

General Applications


CompetitionPosition NameClosing date
General2018General ApplicationN/A



CompetitionPosition NameClosing date
Volunteers_R1General Volunteer Application (any future requirement)N/A

Pembroke Regional Hospital will provide accommodations on request throughout the recruitment, selection and/or assessment process for applicants with disabilities. If you require accommodations, please inform our Human Resources department of the nature of accommodations that you may require, to ensure your equal participation.
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