Wayfinding Maps

 Map outlining the layout of the PRH complex including location of parking lots and ambulance base


Tower A, Ground Floor:

Emergency Department (ED)

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)



Tower A, First Floor:

Acute Mental Health

Administration offices

Health Records


PRH Foundation office

Tower A, Second Floor:

Medical Program (2nd Medical)

The Lunch Box (cafeteria)

Tower A, Third Floor:

PRH Chapel

Surgical Program/Surgical Day Care

Tower A, Fourth Floor:


Tower A, Fifth Floor:

Finance department

Information Technology

Tower B, Ground Floor:


Diagnostic Imaging Department (CT/MRI/XRAY/Ultrasound)

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Parking Pay Station

The Mural Café

The Sunshine Gift Shop

Tower B, First Floor:

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Tower B, Second Floor:

Link to Tower C

Tower B, Third Floor:

Medical Program (3rd Medical)

Pastoral Care office (Third Floor link)

Tower B, Fourth Floor:

Public Affairs and Communications office (Fourth Floor link)

Tower C, Ground Floor:

Mulvihill Pharmacy

Satellite Dialysis Unit

Tower C, First Floor:

Dr. S. Laliberte

D. S. Leavey

Dr. M. Schmitz

PRH Boardroom (C142)

Tower C, Second Floor:

Family Practice Teaching Unit

  • Dr. S. Cantin

  • Dr. H. Castillo

  • Dr. A. Comeau

  • Dr. T. Gauthier

  • Dr. S. McLeod

  • Dr. M. Meeking

  • Dr. T. Naguib

  • Dr. D. Plante

  •  Dr. J. Plante

  • Dr. M. Primeau

Dr. B. Mgbemena

Tower C, Third Floor:

Dr. A. El fitori

Dr. S. Graham

Dr. C. Haney

Dr. S. Mukherjee

Dr. S. Murray

Dr. R. Roloff

Dr. N. Vijay

Dr. A. Williamson

Dr. A. Yacoub

Tower D, Ground Floor:

Ambulatory Clinics

Dr. B. Baxter’s Clinic

Consulting Specialists

  • Cardiology

  • Neurology

  • Ophthalmology

  • Orthopaedics

  • Physical Medicine

  • Plastic Surgery

Diabetes Education

Geriatric Assessment

Heart Function Clinic

Med Sleep Lab

Outpatient Services (procedure room and multi-function room)

Pre-Operative Assessment

Stroke Prevention Clinic


Tower D, First Floor:

Medical Day Care

Pain Management

Pulmonary Function


Systemic Therapy

Tower D, Second Floor:

North Renfrew County Health Link


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