Infection Prevention and Control

Infection Prevention and Control is an important part of our daily life in the Hospital. Hand hygiene is a big part of the preventive and protective measures that all members of the public need to practice when coming to the hospital to visit or do business. You will see posters and signage around the hospital next to Alcohol Based Hand Rub stations reminding everyone about Infection Prevention and Control practices. Remember “Clean Hands Protect Lives”.


We provide hand hygiene stations throughout the hospital at each entrance, in waiting areas, near elevators and in public gathering areas such as the cafeteria or meeting rooms. Hand Hygiene is the best way to prevent the spread of infection. Please develop the habit of practising proper hand hygiene and ask your visitors and the staff caring for you to do the same by washing their hands and practising proper precautionary measures, including wearing gowns, gloves and masks if appropriate for your caregivers and visitors. The staff will be able to advise your family and visitors of the necessary items and practices. Infection Prevention and Control Practitioners are available to teach staff, patients and families about additional actions that may be needed.


If you are looking for further information on infection control rates, please visit our "Patient Safety Indicators" section, located under "About Us".




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