Visiting Hours

For Family:

Family members are welcome at anytime (24/7) to participate in care or to offer reassurance and support. The appropriate number of family at any time for each patient can be determined in discussion with the care team. Patient’s requested visitor restrictions are always respected. 


Public Visiting Hours:

Public visitors are welcome between 11:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. daily. Children are welcome with adult supervision.  


Please note that: 


  • All patients and visitors entering the hospital will be directed by signage to sanitize their hands and take a new mask from a dispenser to wear for the whole time they are in our facility.
  • Patients who feel unwell are asked to ensure that the health care provider at their appointment is aware of their symptoms.
  • Visitors are directed to return home if they feel unwell or have symptoms of any illness that may be contagious. 


Thank you for helping us keep everyone in the hospital safe!


Our Visiting Hours for Family and members of the Public  

COVID-19 Caregiver and Visitor Policy  


Outpatient Areas


(Emergency, Ambulatory Clinics, Surgical Day Care)


Patients receiving treatment in outpatient areas are requested to have a maximum of one person accompanying them during their visit.


As the use of scented products causes allergic reactions in many people, visitors are asked to not wear or use scented products.

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