Requesting my Medical Chart/Information

The Pembroke Regional Hospital does not have an electronic medical chart. Our patient charts are primarily paper based. With a paper-based chart, there is no ability to view your chart electronically. All requests for copies of your chart are processed manually using a photocopier. The requested copies are then available for pick up or sent via Canada Post or courier. We do not send patient information through electronic means such a email; this is to protect our patients' privacy as these services are not secure.


On receipt of your request we will request appropriate documentation to prove your identity and your right to access the requested medical files.


If you are a parent requesting the medical information of a patient under age 12, we will require the identification and signature of both parents, or proof that the requester has sole right to the access of the files. If the patient is 12 years of age or older we will also require the permission of the patient to release the records to the parent.


For a deceased patient, the file may only be released to the estate trustee (executor). We will ask for one of the following:


  • a copy of the Certificate of Estate Trustee with a Will;
  • Certificate of Estate Trustee without a Will;
  • Notarized Will; or
  • a Notarized Letter stating you are the person administering the estate of the deceased.


It may take up to 30 days for your chart to be ready for pickup or delivery. Preparation time will vary dependent on the volume of requests and the size and complexity of the file/information requested. In some instances files may need to be retrieved from off-site archiving.


There may be a charge for the chart which will be discussed with you by the Release of Information Office.


To receive a copy of your medical information or for information on how to access your medical information, please contact the Release of Information Office:


Release of Information Office

Pembroke Regional Hospital

(613) 732-2811, extension 6142





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