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Pembroke Regional Hospital is following all public health advice in a rapidly changing context of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Pregnancy and the COVID-19 Vaccine 


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Welcome to the Maternal Child Care Unit - A Virtual Tour 


The Maternal Child Care Unit at the Pembroke Regional Hospital (PRH) is committed to ensure that families receive patient centered, safe, effective nursing care. The Health Care Team consists of highly trained professionals with a strong commitment to mothers and families. The PRH Maternal Child Care team consists of Obstetricians, Family Physicians, Midwives, Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses, Social Workers, Clergy, Respiratory Therapists, Lactation Consultants, Residents and Nursing Students.


Our services include a birthing unit, nursery (for babies who may require a higher level of care), post-partum unit and outpatient clinic. PRH has a close partnership with Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), Champlain Maternal Health Regional Program (CMNRP), and Renfrew County District Health Unit (RCDHU) to ensure that patients and families receive optimum patient care.


Madawaska Valley Midwives Contact Information:

(613) 757-0808 

15 Lake St., Killaloe, ON  K0J 2A0 




An automated ay station is located at the hospital's main entrance (Tower B) and in the lobby of Tower D.


Visitor Parking Rates: Gated Parking Area

10 minute complimentary grace period. 

$1.75/20 minutes or any portion thereof

$7 maximum 

No In/Out privileges


Visitors who require more frequent visits may purchase a frequent user pass at the SP+ office located in room C004 (Tower C, next to Mulvihill Drug Mart) between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday to Friday (excluding holidays). 


5 parks/ $20

10 parks/ $30

25 parks / $60

  • Reloadable pass for use in gated parking lot
  • Non-refundable
  • No expiry date
  • Cash, Debit or Credit  
  • Transferable (can be shared, used for different vehicles)  

For any parking related concerns or questions, please contact SP+ by phone (613) 635-7275 or ask one of the parking attendants on duty.   



All new Moms are encouraged to pre-register prior to delivery in an effort to make the admission process easier. Pre-registration can be completed any day of the week between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. at the Registration desk adjacent to the Emergency Department.


photo of an office with a desk in front of it. The room is labelled Triage.  




 This is NOT the Registration office.

 There is no need to see the nurse.

 DO NOT fill out the green slip in front of this office.





 Photo of an office labelled Registration 2.



 This IS the Registration office.

  It is labelled "Registration 2".  







Please bring health card and Insurance information with you. Please note all our labour rooms are private accommodation, if you have semi-private or ward coverage you will be moved to your appropriate accommodation after delivery. Please note, that you will always have private accommodation for delivery, however when the Maternal Child Care Unit is busy we may not always be able to ensure a private room in the post-partum period. We will make every effort to move you to your appropriate accommodation when a private room becomes available.

What to Bring to Hospital


  • An up-to-date list of all medications that you are taking at home. 
  • Pack all clothing and personal items you and your support person would want for a three day stay away from home. Include comfortable clothing for labour, post partum and going home. It is a good idea to bring clothing for warm and cool temperatures. Bring toiletries including pads, pullups and several pairs of underwear. 


  • Mom will be served meals and snacks while in hospital but we encourage you to bring your favorite snacks and drinks. We have microwaves and refrigerators for your convenience.
  • Bring your diaper bag with going home outfits and car seat. Diapers and blankets are provided but you are welcome to use your own baby items if you prefer.  

In the event you have an unexpected admission to hospital, we have everything you will need for your stay. 


Obstetrical and Newborn Assessment Clinic (by appointment only)

The Obstetrical and Newborn Outpatient Clinic at Pembroke Regional Hospital is available to women who are pregnant, recently delivered and are under the care of an Obstetrician, Family Physician or Midwife.


The Clinic is located on the fourth floor at the Pembroke Regional Hospital. You must register in Emergency Department prior to coming to our clinic. Please bring your health card with you.


The Clinic is open Monday to Friday from 09:00-5:00 p.m. Weekend and evening hours are available upon request.  


Examples of Services offered at the clinic


  • Infant Bilirubin Checks
  • Infant/baby Weight Checks
  • Pre-Operative Assessment Clinic (POAC)
  • Non-Stress Tests
  • Blood Pressure Check
  • WinRho and Celestone Injections


All babies born at PRH will have a Hugs security tag applied to their ankle to ensure that they will not be taken off the unit at any time. Hugs security tag will be removed prior to discharge.


Visiting Hours

Designated support person is welcome at any time. 

In order to allow new mothers to rest and receive the care they require, other visitors are welcome between 11:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. daily, provided they have confirmed the visit with the mother. 


Visitors are restricted to two (2) per patient.

Visitors may be requested to leave the room in order to facilitate patient care.

Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult over age 18 years


Please do not visit the Maternal Child Care Unit if you are feeling unwell


Health Information for New Families 

Breastfeeding Support

Who: Local retired Maternal Child Care Nurse and Certified Lactation Consultant IBCLC, Mary Anne / Annie Vaillancourt. 


What: Virtual (Facetime) one-on-one help for breastfeeding mothers from a retired lactation consultant and Maternal Child Care nurse. Topics can include any breastfeeding concerns or questions or any virtual live support for mother, baby and family. 


When: By appointment through email or phone at anniekeon@hotmail.com or (819) 431-4056 (home) (613) 602-3065 (cell).


Other Online Resources  


Current Initiatives

Baby Friendly Initiative

The Baby-Friendly Initiative (BFI) is an evidence-based program of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). BFI is a health strategy that results in improved mother and infant health. BFI promotes the efficient use of resources within families, health care institutions and society.


MoreOb-Managing Obstetrical Risk Effectively

The MoreOb Program is a program that ensures patient safety at all times. The MoreOb program incorporates education, reflective learning, and practice. The MoreOb program believes that the following principles can be successfully adopted on all Obstetrical Units;


  • Safety is a priority and is everyone’s responsibility
  • Communication is highly valued
  • Operations are a team effort
  • Emergencies are rehearsed
  • Hierarchy disappears in an emergency. Decisions on safety issues can be made at any level of the organization
  • There is a multidisciplinary review of events and routines


Mother Baby Dyad

PRH recognizes the importance of Mother-baby dyad care in the immediate post-partum period. Emphasis is place on ensuring skin-to-skin contact of healthy infants and mothers from birth as much as possible. PRH recognizes the benefits to baby and Mother and view the Mother baby dyad as an essential component of evidence-based maternal newborn care.

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