Hospital Volunteer Services Philosophy

The achievement of the goals of the Pembroke Regional Hospital is best served by the active participation of citizens of the community. To this end, the Pembroke Regional Hospital accepts and encourages the involvement of individuals who demonstrate a willingness to share their unique charisma. Volunteers enhance the quality of life of patients and compliment patient services.


We hope that the following information helps you to become familiar with the Hospital Volunteer Services Department and the opportunities available for anyone 16 years or older who would like to share his or her time for the benefit of others.

How to Become a Hospital Volunteer

To view a complete listing of our current opportunities or to submit a general application, please see the Explore Career and Volunteer Opportunities page.


Please provide us with your contact information. This is an indication that you would be interested in volunteering with our hospital.


Please attach a resume or high level summary of your background, experience and/or interests. While this is not mandatory, doing so will allow us to better connect you with opportunities that may be of interest to you in the future.


On behalf of our 750 employees and the 50,000+ patients we see every year, we thank you for showing interest in supporting our hospital and our community.

What Does a Volunteer Contribute?

Each year, more than 100 compassionate individuals from our community, volunteer more than 5,000 hours in 14 different areas within the hospital. Pembroke Regional Hospital is fortunate to receive tremendous interest in our volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Our program opportunities are based on the needs in different areas of the hospital, and so we match applicants' skills, availability and experience to our current needs.


There are many ways in which hospital volunteers can help our patients.

  • friendly visiting, conversing, reading, letter-writing
  • escorting patients/families from one area to another
  • leisure time activities, bingo, cards, games, crafts, movies
  • decorating for special occasions
  • hospitality, greeter and information person
  • update magazines in waiting rooms
  • bringing patients to recreational and religious activities in the hospital
  • assisting Pastoral Care Service
  • delivering ice and fresh water to patients
  • provide music/singing
  • horticultural committee
  • The Woodworking Factory
  • administrative duties
  • "More Like Myself" program in our Rehabilitation unit
  • St. John Ambulance certified dogs could be part of our Pet Therapy Program.


 The Philosophy of the Pembroke Regional Hospital Volunteer Services supports the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement.


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