Revenues generated from the parking revenues are reinvested into our hospital to upgrade our hospital services and equipment to improve the care we provide to our patients.

A one-way, drop-off lane for patients is available on the north side of Deacon Street. All parking on the north side of Deacon Street is designated accessible parking only. Public parking for all other patients and visitors is located on the south side of Deacon Street in gated parking lots.


Paid parking is operated by SP+. Automated pay stations are located at the Hospital’s main entrance (Tower B) and at the entrance to Tower D and machines at the gates allow for contactless debit and credit card payment with tap and use WAVE technology for contactless ticket entry.


Parking rates: Gated Parking Area (no in/out privileges)

$2 for the first 20 minutes

$4 for 21-40 minutes

$6 for 41-60 minutes

$8 for 61 minutes to daily maximum  


NEW - Day Pass (with in/out privileges) 

The new Day Pass allows for same-day in and out privileges and is available for purchase at the parking pay stations (Tower B and D lobbies) for $8.


  • Touch shopping cart icon
  • Touch "Day Pass" option on screen 
  • Insert entry ticket
  • Pay fee displayed 
  • Take ticket with you
  • Scan barcode at parking gate to enter and exit  
  • Do no lose it. Ticket is non-refundable and is valid for 24 hours from first entry. 


Parking rates: Accessible Parking Area (includes in/out privileges) 

$2 for the first 20 minutes

$4 for 21-40 minutes

$6 for 41-60 minutes

$8 for 61 minutes to daily maximum


Patient Drop off / Pick up Area

All gated lots allow for a 10 minute complimentary parking period for this purpose. Simply take a ticket to enter the lot and drop off or pick up the patient. At the exit gate, insert or scan the ticket and as long as the departure time is within 10 minutes of arrival, the gate will open and you can exit without needing to pay.


Visitors who require more frequent daily visits may purchase a frequent user pass at the SP+ office located in room C004 (Tower C, next to Mulvihill Drug Mart) between 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday (excluding holidays).


5 parks / $25, 10 parks / $40, 25 parks / $75

• Cash, Debit or Credit
• Non refundable
• No expiry date
• Transferable (can be shared and used for different cars)

For any parking related concerns or questions, please contact SP+ by phone, (613) 635-7275 or ask one of the parking attendants on duty.


Where to Park When Picking Up A Patient 

When a patient has been discharged and is ready to go home, we ask that you please do the following when you are scheduled to pick up the patient:


  • Please park in our Deacon Street parking lot and remember to bring your parking ticket with you.
  • Check in at the nursing station on the patient's unit to pick up the patient and receive any discharge instructions.
  • When leaving to get your vehicle, the patient may wait in the seating by Diagnostic Imaging (Tower B by the Mural Café).
  • On your way out you can pay for parking at the machine located between the double doors at the Tower B entrance.
  • You may then drive into the Emergency Vehicle entrance (off Mackay Street) and pull up to the Tower B entrance to retrieve the patient from the DI waiting area. No extended parking is permitted in this area.


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