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The links provided here offer easy access to credible information and resources that may be of interest to current and prospective MHSRC service users and their families.



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Navigating Mental Health and Substance Use Support - Seeking help for mental health, substance use health, and addictions can be daunting. That's why a collaborative effort between health care and community services, primary care and individuals with lived experience have created AccessMHA. This coordinated point of access offers a single starting point for accessing support for mental health, substance use health, and addictions concerns. 


Guiding You and Your Loved Ones - AccessMHA stands by your side to assist you and your family in finding the appropriate support for mental health, substance use health, and addictions. The AccessMHA team works together with you to connect you with the right services, partnering with organizations offering these services. Their commitment is to support you throughout the entire journey of accessing services.


Accessible Support for Specific Communities - AccessMHA is available to individuals aged 16 and above living in Eastern Ontario (visit www.accesssmha.ca to confirm areas of coverage). Whether you're looking for help for mental health, substance use health, and addictions services, if you're uncertain about where to begin, don't hesitate to reach out, and AccessMHA will match you with an appropriate service. 


Proud Participation - Mental Health Services of Renfrew County is proud to be part of a collective effort dedicated to ensuring that access to support is straightforward and equitable for everyone. 


1 Call 1 Click  - Youth Mental Health, Addictions and Substance Use Health Navigation 

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1 Call 1 Click is here to help children, youth and families/caregivers connect with the right mental health, addictions, substance use health and neurodevelopment health services and care when they need it. 


1 Call 1 Click is available to assist infants, children and youth from birth to 21 years of age. We cover parts of Eastern Ontario including Ottawa, Pembroke, Cornwall, Hawkesbury, and surrounding areas including the counties of Lanark, Leeds and Grenville, Stormont , Dundas and Glengarry, Prescott-Russell and Renfrew. 


Children, youth and families/caregivers wanting to be connected with mental health, addictions, substance use health and or neurodevelopmental health services are welcome to reach out to 1Call1Click.ca.  


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