Spiritual and Religious Care Services

Due to measures designed to safeguard against the spread of COVID-19, weekly Mass is on pause until further notice. 


Spirituality, which is the essence of our humanity, directs our search for meaningful purpose in our lives. It is expressed in our ability to form fulfilling relationships and experience awe and mystery in our daily lives.


Spiritual Care Services attempts to promote the well being of body, mind and spirit. During the time of illness, loss and grief, anxiety or disability we aim to be present for our patients and their families as a source of comfort, consolation, strength and encouragement.



Our chaplain and members of the healthcare team offer non-biased support to patients and their families from any of the various formalized religions as well as to those who are not members of any specific faith denomination. We are aware of the many different cultural practices and make every effort to abide by them.


Our Spiritual Care team includes a Spiritual Care Coordinator, on call clergy, trained Volunteer Visitors and Eucharistic Ministers. Arrangements can be made through the Spiritual Care office at extension 6264 for a visit from one’s own clergy, Sacramental administration or particular rite observed in one’s faith tradition.


We offer:

  • Spiritual Support
  • Sacramental Ministry
  • Daily Eucharist for Roman Catholic Patients
  • Prayer and Sacred Readings
  • Weekly Mass (celebrated at 9:30a.m. each Wednesday, September to June)
  • Bi-annual Memorial Services for those who died in our Hospital
  • Liaison with Community Clergy
  • Religious Articles on loan during a patient’s hospital stay (bibles, rosaries, prayer mats, crucifixes, pamphlets, and prayer books)

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