Senior Leadership 

Photo of Sabine Mersmann Sabine Mersmann, President and CEO


Effective November 1, 2022, Sabine has assumed the role of President and CEO after holding a series of progressive leadership roles over the past 23 years.



Headshot of Dr. HurleyDr. Tom Hurley, Chief of Staff

Dr. Tom Hurley is now in his third year as Chief of staff and in this role, is a member of the Hospital's Board of Directors in addition to being a member of the hospital's Senior Leadership Team. 

After completing his MD (University of Western, Ontario, 1995), Dr. Hurley's initial work was as a Flight Surgeon with the Canadian Armed Forces. This included such unique experiences as working with the Disaster Assistance Response Team and providing front-line healthcare during the NATO mission in Kosovo. After leaving the military, he pursued additional training in Emergency Medicine at Queen's University. When not occupied by medicine, Dr. Hurley enjoys his most important job as a father of five children.  



Headshot of Beth Brownlee

Beth Brownlee, Vice-President, Clinical & Support Services and CNE (Chief Nursing Executive)


Since May 2021, Beth has held the position of Vice-President of Clinical & Support Services and CNE (Chief Nursing Executive) at the Pembroke Regional Hospital.


Headshot of Melanie Henderson

Melanie Henderson, Vice-President, Clinical & Support Services


Melanie joined our hospital's Senior Leadership team in January, 2023. She holds a Master's degree in Social Work and LEAN greenbelt certification.



Headshot of Brent McIntyre

Brent McIntyre, Vice-President, Human Resources


Brent McIntyre, Vice-President of Human Resources at the Pembroke Regional Hospital, joined the Senior Leadership Team in September, 2023, after serving as Director of Human Resources at PRH since February, 2022. He brings with him a wealth of leadership experience, a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership, and a lifelong commitment to the Renfrew County community.


Headshot of Scott

Scott Coombes, Vice-President, Finance and Corporate Services, CFO (Chief Financial Officer) 


Scott joined as the Vice-President, Finance and Corporate Services CFO (Chief Financial Officer) at the Pembroke Regional Hospital in January, 2021, after nearly 20 years of experience in business and financial leadership. His experience includes leadership roles in public accounting and consulting, and financial stewardship roles at private and publicly traded companies.


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