Senior Leadership

Pierre Noel sitting at his desk

Pierre Noel, President and CEO


Born and raised in Pembroke, Pierre assumed the position of President and CEO of the Pembroke Regional Hospital in the fall of 2006.



Headshot of Dr. Hurley

Dr. Tom Hurley, Chief of Staff

Dr. Tom Hurley is now in his third year as Chief of staff and in this role, is a member of the Hospital's Board of Directors in addition to being a member of the hospital's Senior Leadership Team. 


Headshot of Sabine Mersmann

Sabine Mersmann, Vice-President, Patient Services – Seniors and Community Care


Since July, 2012 Sabine has held the position of Vice-President of Patient Services - Seniors and Community Care at Pembroke Regional Hospital.

Less about Sabine Mersmann

In 1999 Sabine was hired by the Pembroke Regional Hospital as the Director for the Rehabilitation Program and spent 13 years in progressive Clinical Director roles in medicine, rehabilitation, ambulatory clinics, and diagnostic imaging.  Furthermore, she led several significant projects and initiatives for the hospital including the large capital redevelopment project in 2003.

Headshot of Francois Lamaire

Francois Lemaire, Vice-President, Patient Services – Acute Care and CNE (Chief Nursing Executive)


Francois has held the position of Vice President, Patient Services – Acute Care and Chief Nursing Executive at PRH since November, 2012.


Headshot of John Wren

John Wren, Senior Vice-President, Finance and Corporate Services, CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and CIO (Chief Information Officer)


Since 1983, John who is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA/CGA), has held the position of Vice-President Corporate and Support Services CFO (Chief Financial Officer) / CIO (Chief Information Officer) at Pembroke Regional Hospital


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