Hand Hygiene Compliance (Health Care Providers Washing Their Hands)

Public Reporting of Patient Safety Indicators is a Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) Program for measuring a variety of items that contribute to safe patient care. Monitoring for compliance with Hand Hygiene Practices is one of those things that we do in our hospital.

Research has shown:

  • Hand hygiene is key to improving patient and provider safety and to preventing healthcare associated infections and the spread of antibiotic resistant organisms.
  • With proper hand hygiene, hospitals can decrease infection rates, reduce hospital stay, and protect lives.
  • An effective Hand Hygiene program will increase patient confidence and meet new Patient Safety & Accreditation Canada Standards.

When you come to our hospital as a patient or visitor please take a look at our program posters "Just Clean Your Hands" and "Clean Hands Protect Lives". Ask a staff member for a pamphlet that will give you more information. Use the alcohol based hand rub that is located at the entrances and in many other accessible areas of the hospital.


  Percent Compliance for Before Initial Patient/ Patient Environment Contact Percent Compliance for After Patient/ Patient Environment Contact
April 1, 2023- March 31, 2024 83%93%


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