Patient Relations Process

Patient feedback is very important to us as it provides an opportunity to improve the patient experience at Pembroke Regional Hospital. 


This feedback includes compliments, enquiries, suggestions and complaints from our patients and their family members regarding their experience in the hospital, or our outpatient programs.  


We are committed to responding to patient concerns in a positive, supportive and timely manner. Our Patient Relations Process facilitates the resolution of patient, family and visitor concerns and allows us to receive suggestions and compliments.  

How our Patient Relations Process works:


If you have a concern during your stay:


1. Speak with any member of your health care team. They will listen and respond to your concerns.


2. Ask to speak to a representative of the management team for the unit if you feel your concerns have not been addressed by a member of the health care team.



Contact Name

Phone Number

Mental Health ServicesDirector
(613) 732-2811, 8002
Acute Mental Health Manager (613) 732-2811, 8171
Diagnostic ImagingDirector(613) 732-2811, 8080
Emergency/ICUManager (613) 732-2811, 8502
FinanceManager(613) 732-2811, 6532
DietaryManager(613) 732-2811, 6239
HousekeepingManager(613) 732-2811, 6116
Maternal Child Care/SurgicalDirector(613) 732-2811, 6319
MedicalManager(613) 732-2811, 6201
Operating RoomManager (613) 732-2811, 8364
Outpatient Clinics/DialysisManager(613) 732-2811, 6530

Patient Registration/Health Records

Patient Information

Manager(613) 732-2811, 6143
Plant ServicesDirector

(613) 732-2811, 6290


(613) 732-2811, 8171



1. If you need further assistance, ask to speak to the Patient Relations Delegate


2. If you are not comfortable with this, you can submit your comment to the Patient Relations Office, by calling (613) 732-2811, extension 7000.

Please rest assured that raising a concern or issue will not negatively affect your care in any way.


How to provide feedback after discharge from the hospital:


Please feel free to get in touch with us by phone, email or letter. In addition, you may receive a survey from a national healthcare measurement firm in the mail after your discharge. Our Quality Teams and Leadership Teams review results of these surveys every three months – patient responses help us to improve our quality of care, so we encourage you to participate.


  • Call 613-732-2811, extension 7000.
  • Send an email to patientrelations@prh.email including your contact information and phone number.
  • Send a letter to – Patient Relations, c/o Pembroke Regional Hospital, 705 Mackay Street, Pembroke, ON K8A 1G8


If the Patient Relations Delegate is not able to resolve the issue to your satisfaction, your concern will be referred to the hospital’s President and CEO.





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