Integrated Care

Integrated Care - An approach to care for those living with multiple health conditions. Is it right for you?

Do you feel overwhelmed trying to manage your health and your care? Integrated Care may be the right approach for you. 


  •  Do you have four or more complex or chronic health conditions? (for example, heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, mental illness)
  • Have you been to the Emergency department or been hospitalized several times this year?
  • Do you receive health services from many different professionals or organizations?
  • Do you face other challenges that impact your health?
  • Do you worry about coordinating all your appointments? 


If you answered "yes" to most of these questions, talk to your family doctor or another health professional that you trust. They will work with you to determine if the Integrated Care approach is right for you. 


How does Integrated Care work?

  •  Integrated Care is a team approach that makes it easier for you to manage all of your health care services and supports. 
  • You will be assigned a care coordinator and work with them to identify your care team members. The care coordinator will also work with you to develop your goals and a plan for your health and well-being. They will be your contact when you have questions or need help. 
  • Everyone on your team will work together to help you meet your goals. 

Getting started with Integrated Care


  • Your family doctor or other health professional can fill out and submit and Integrated Care patient identification form for you. 
  • If you qualify for Integrated Care, you will be contacted to schedule and appointment with an Integrated Care coordinator in your home or another location that you choose. 
  • When you meet, the care coordinator will tell you more about what's involved and answer any questions you may have. 
  • If you decide that this approach is right for you, you will be on the path to better coordinated care! 

For more information, please call the Home and Community Care Patient Information and Referral Line and they will direct your call:

(613) 745-8124, extension 3101 or 3013. 


For more information about this service and eligibility, visit: champlainhealthline.ca 









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